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We are committed to protect your privacy and provide you with a secure browsing experience, while offer you the best user experience.

When you visit our website we learn a lot of information about you, either from actions you do or automatically. It is important for us to know what this information is, what its useful and how you can correct or delete them.

Please , read the Privacy Policy before you start using the website as you use it accept the Privacy Policy.


  1. Information you give us on your own

While browsing the site, you may choose to subscribe to our subscribers list, contact us through forms of communication, leave comments on our posts, take part in a survey or questionnaire and proceed with a transaction by purchasing products or services.

We use the information you provide us to deliver the product or service to improve our performance and to send you information, suggestions and offers.

If you choose to subscribe to our list of subscribers to receive our updates, you can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the relevant link in each email. Your email address will remain on our list for as long as we continue to send updates or until you want to sign up for yourself. If for some reason you have a problem to unsubscribe, please email us at asking us to do it.

  1. Information gathered automatically

Every time you visit the website, we collect information in an automated way that helps us to improve the website and its performance.

Cookies are small text files stored in your browser when browsing the web.

They perform various functions (for example, remember your preferences) and are used to improve the navigation experience.

The cookies we use on our website help us analyze traffic, improve our performance, and personalize content and display ads. Some of these cookies are third party cookies. For example, we work with Google to analyze our statistics. These cookies are governed by the privacy policy of third parties. All third parties we partner with comply with our privacy laws.

If you do not wish to use cookies, you can reject their use through your browser settings. Some features of our website are only available through the use of cookies and if you deny their use, these features will not be available.

Social media pixels allow different social media networks to analyze the activity of their users when they browse external websites to personalize the ads they show on their own sites.

Our website reserves the right to use social media pixels in harmony with the policies and terms of use of the various social media sites.



The information you submit us to subscribe to our list is used for purposes of information, information, promotion and advertising of our products and services.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your email. We do not sell, rent or share our subscribers list.

To send emails, we work with carefully selected services that comply fully with GPDR legislation and security and are located either in the European Union or in the US.

The anonymous information collected is used to improve the website and your own browsing experience.

Why we asked for personal information through our contact forms.

We ask for your personal details in order to be able to contact you to provide you with detailed information about the training programs you may wish to attend.

Which personal data we collect from our contact forms.

We only collect data related to the operation of our curriculum. More specifically, we may collect data such as surname, name, and email address.



You may contact us at any time, via email with our website to request access, correction or deletion of your personal information.



The privacy policy of our website will be reviewed from time to time. By using the website you accept this policy and are bound by its terms.

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