The Greek Company N.G. MED is the proof that Greek companies can also stand a decent position with a high standard in health field. It supplies the TALOS scalding product Talos is a useful tool for closing the burr holes that have been done to the patients’ skull after craniotomy procedures for which we are exclusive distributor in North Greece.

The German company Mat Medical Advanced Technology designs, develops and manufactures implants and tools for orthopedic use. It specializes in knee and hip replacement implants, also provides a wide range of wound implants and dental implants.

U & I is based in Korea and provides complete solutions to lumbar and cervical spinal ligament systems with state-of-the-art innovative materials. It also provides complete solutions for pain management.

BONEGRAFT provides complete solutions in the field of synthetic bone grafts in various quantities with a wide range of choices.

Megatronic is a manufacturer of fusion materials, cervical and lumbar cages. Its priority is quality and immediate service.

OK Medinet Korea Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures medical devices for orthopedics and neurosurgery. In particular, we manufacture various medical devices for spinal disc treatment and craniectomy. We are putting continuous efforts on producing and supplying optimal medical equipment for patient treatment by concentrating on research and development.  OK Medinet Korea Co., Ltd supplies our company with KYBS™​​ Kyphoplasty Balloon System. 

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